Zero Engineering

Beauty and style, honoured with precision – that’s what ZERO Engineering stands for. In 1992, Okazaki City witnessed the birth of our brand, known today as one of Japan’s leading names in the custom motorcycle industry.

At ZERO, we take pride in our artisanal abilities and keen eye for details. Our mechanics and fabricators are trained masters, specially selected to produce limited numbers of custom motorcycles each year. Their artisanal touch combines form and function with minimal frills, gadgets and chromes.

Each bike produced at ZERO takes several months to complete, reflecting our commitment invested in each production. What unites the different designs is traced in the “ZERO STYLE”, our winning signature of gooseneck rigid frames and springer front forks. An original blueprint designed in 2002 with PLOT Inc, this style is our best trademark to date.

The Original
Samurai Chopper

Since 1981, PLOT Inc has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket motorcycle parts. The company’s collaboration with ZERO Engineering has given birth to the famed Samurai Chopper, the first of its kind in history.

The roaring reception the Chopper received led PLOT Inc to establish a facility in Las Vegas, where more custom choppers of its kind were produced and distributed to Japan. The culminated end result: the birth of Type 9, a beautiful machine featuring a unique 4-link suspension in its rear.

The spirit of the Samurai Chopper can be found in later ZERO prototypes such as Type 5 and Type 6. Fit for long-haul rides, ZERO Engineering’s creations continue to marvel custom motorcycle enthusiasts today.

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